Where can I complain?

Any person can lodge a complaint with the ASA regarding the content of an advertisement. The ASA will deal with complaints about advertising content but not with complaints about contractual matters or service standards.

When do I complain?

If a person believes that the content of an advertisement is untruthful, misleading or harmful in any way, a complaint may be lodged.

Are there any criteria for a complaint?

All complaints lodged with the ASA must meet the following criteria:

  • The complaint must be in writing.

  • The identity of the complainant(s) must be disclosed.

  • The contact details of the complainant(s) should be clearly stated.

  • The complainant(s) identity or passport number must be provided.

  • The grounds on which the complaint is based must be clearly stated.

  • Where the complaint relates to advertising on broadcast media (e.g. television, radio or on cinema) information should be furnished on where and when the advertisement was screened / transmitted.

  • Where signs, posters or any form of outdoor advertising is involved, the nature of the advertisement and the wording should be specified.

  • When the complaint is about print advertising, the relevant advertisement should be attached.

  • If possible, the contact name, address or telephone / fax number of the advertiser should be provided.

Complaints may be submitted as follows:

  • By delivery, to the ASA at Willowview, Burnside Island Office Park, 410 Jan Smuts Avenue, Craighall Park, Johannesburg;

  • By post to, PO Box 41555, Craighall, 2024;

  • By telefacsimile, to +27 11 781 1616; or

  • E-mail complaint to:

Responsibility for establishing receipt by the ASA of a complaint lies with the complainant.

Are there any costs?

Consumer complaints will be dealt with free of charge. Competitor complaints are subject to a non-refundable filing fee for 2013 of R19 608, inclusive of VAT, before the complaint will be investigated.

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