ASA Precedent Manual
In an attempt to ensure that competitors, their legal advisors, the industry and the public at large can attain previous rulings effortlessly, the ASA is proud to announce its Precedent Manual.

A compilation of decisions made by the Directorate, the Advertising Industry Tribunal, the Advertising Standards Committee and the Final Appeal Committee of the ASA, this is a useful guide to practitioners.

The manual, available in printed format is a compilation of several decisions made by these bodies that will assist practitioners to make informed decisions about the compliance of advertising and help protect against errors of judgement.

Most importantly, this information will give bodies concerned a reference book containing important decisions regarding clauses, which often form the basis of complaints to the ASA, from both consumers or competitors.

What's available?
Volume 1 - rulings made in 2004/2005
Volume 2 - rulings made in 2006/2007
Volume 3 - rulings made in 2008

Where to buy?
The Precedent Manual can be ordered from LexisNexis South Africa. Visit their online bookstore, or contact their Customer Service Call Centre on Tel: +27 (0) 31 268-3007
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