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Advertising Code of Practice

The Code of Advertising Practice is the guiding document of the ASA. The Code is based upon the International Code of Advertising Practice, prepared by the International Chamber of Commerce. This is internationally accepted as the basis for domestic systems of self-regulation. It forms the foundation of this Code in which the basic principles laid down in the International Code are related to the particular circumstances of advertising in South Africa. The Code is drawn up by the ASA with the participation of representatives of the marketing communications industry, and is amended from time to time to meet the changing needs both of the industry and of our society.

This Code is supplemented by individual codes, which are determined by the various member organisations or negotiated with governmental institutions. These individual codes are reflected in the Appendices to the Code. All such codes conform to the general principles laid down by this Code and differ only in detail where the individual needs are to be met.

A hard copy of the Code, which is available in a loose leaf binder, may be obtained from LexisNexis Butterworths.

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