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ASASA has been safeguarding consumers and protecting advertising freedom for more than 45 years. From small beginnings in 1968, it has evolved into an authoritative body that maintains constant vigilance and resolves advertising disputes in an impartial and even-handed way.

The founders of the Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa were marketing and advertising industry bodies and media owners. All industry players who commission, prepare and carry advertising were involved from the outset. Long before South Africa embraced a culture of human rights, ASASA recognized everyone’s right to be heard and to have accurate commercial communication that did not exploit the gullibility or susceptibility of any section of the population.

In its 45 year history, ASASA has undergone one name change to coincide with development in the industry and in South Africa. The organization was first named the Advertising Standards Association.

In 1982 the ASA joined the European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA). This is a body which comprises several committees including the International Council of Advertising, Self- regulatory Organisation (non-European Council), the Central and Eastern Europe Working Group, Self-regulatory Committee and the European Education Action Group.

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