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Chairperson (Past & Present)

ASA Chairperson:

2001 – 2006 Ms. Danisa Baloyi
2006 - 2007 Mr. Ian Shepherd
2007- Present Mr. Nkwenkwe Nkomo

Deputy Chairperson of ASA

Ms. Diane Terblanche

Chairperson of Committees:

2001 - 2008:
Advertising Industrial Tribunal – Adv. Sara Gon
Advertising Standards Committee – Adv. Gcina Malindi
Final Appeal Committee– Judge Mervyn King

2008 - 2012:
Advertising Industrial Tribunal (AIT) – Adv. Jacquie Cassette
Advertising Standards Committee (ASC)– Adv. Hamilton Maenetje
Final Appeal Committee (FAC) – Judge Mervyn King
Sponsorship Dispute Resolution Committee (SDRC) – Mr. Don Mc Robert

Advertising Standards Committee – Adv. Kameshni Pillay

Current Chairpersons of Committees from 2012/2013:

ASC – Mr. Frank Millward (from 2013)
AIT – Adv. Mahlape Sello
FAC – Judge Kate O’ Regan
SDRC – Adv. Gcina Malindi (from 2013)

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