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Traditional / herbal healer

The ASA considered a consumer complaint against pamphlet advertising, inter alia, Mr Ishmail Aziz’s Penis Cream and breast enlargement products. The pamphlet contains, inter alia, images of a flaccid and an erect penis as well as several bare breasted women.

The complainant submitted that the pamphlet was offensive as it contains pornographic images and it was disseminated in a way that makes it accessible to children.

All reasonable steps were taken by the ASA to elicit a response from the advertiser, but the advertiser failed to respond. Therefore, the Directorate had no option but to accept the complainant’s submissions as a true reflection of the facts.

Based on the information before it, the ASA ruled that the pamphlet was denies people the option of choosing whether or not they would want to be exposed to such imagery, or expose their children to such imagery.

Members are therefore requested not to accept advertising from Mr Ishmail Jacob trading as Mr Ishmail Aziz for his herbal or traditional remedies or psychic abilities.

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