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Any and all Body Detox Products

During June 2013 the ASA ruled against the respondent’s advertising for its Magnesium Inflama Roll-On product.

The advertising claimed to treat, inter alia, "Nasal Congestion, Inflammation, Blocked Nose, Sinus Headaches, Insect bites (bee stings, mosquito bites), Sinus Drip, Hay Fever, Any PAIN, Sinusitis, Snoring and Allergies”.

The respondent was afforded the opportunity to address the issues raised in the complaint, but failed to do so on each occasion. Given that it failed to substantiate its efficacy claims, the advertiser was asked to remove the advertising.

Given the absence of a response on the merits of the matter, the ASA ruled that it would send an Ad Alert to members, alerting them to this breach of the Code.

Members are therefore requested not to accept any advertising from the advertiser for its Magnesium Inflama Roll-On product containing any efficacy claims until advised otherwise by the ASA.

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