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In a recent ruling, the ASA held that the advertiser exhibited clear disregard for ASA rulings and the provisions of the ASA Code of Advertising Practice. This decision was reached after considering the fact that the advertiser has continued to publish unsubstantiated efficacy claims about its Miracle Magnesium products despite having been sanctioned on more than one occasion.

After affording the parties an opportunity to comment on whether or not sanctions are applicable (an opportunity both the complainants and the advertiser failed to utilise), the ASA ruled that more severe action was warranted to maintain consumer confidence in advertising as a service to the public.

Accordingly, and in terms of the provisions of the Code of Advertising Practice, the Directorate ruled that it would issue this Ad Alert to all members, asking them to refuse any advertising space to the respondent for any of its products.

Members are therefore requested NOT TO ACCEPT ANY ADVERTISING FOR ANY OF THE ADVERTISER’S PRODUCTS until advised differently by the ASA. Members are also advised that the advertiser has exhibited a pattern of disregard for the ASA Code, and has previously been sanctioned for the same offence.

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