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In a recent ruling the ASA ruled against the following claims made by the advertiser, in an advertisement appearing in the Bike SA magazine:

The complainant explained that BMW had expressly prohibited the advertiser from advertising an association with the BMW Mororrad. He added that there is no "association” of deliverers who could be in a position to "approve” any one deliverer, and that there is an excess payable towards insurance which was omitted from the advertising. As such the above claims are misleading.

The advertiser was afforded an opportunity to respond, but did not do so. In the absence of a response, the ASA had no option but to rule on the material before it, finding that the claims were unsubstantiated. The advertiser was instructed to withdraw its advertisement and all relevant claims.

Members are therefore requested not to accept any advertising from Milly’s Motorcycle Transport with the abovementioned claims, or claims to that effect.


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