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In a recent ruling, the ASA considered a consumer complaint against Topslim advertisements that promised "Fast Weight Loss!” on a product claimed to have been "Scientifically Proven”, "Based on the research of the most respected scientist in the world” and "Fully tested in multiple blind clinical studies over decades”.The complainant disputed the veracity of the claims, arguing that recent research has debunked the rumours about the efficacy of Garcinia Cambogia, which the product claims to contain. The complainant also submitted evidence to refute the apparent endorsements from Professors Keen, Preuss and Stohs made on the respondent’s website.

All reasonable steps were taken by the ASA to elicit a response from the advertiser, but the advertiser failed to respond. Based on the information before it, the ASA Directorate ruled that the efficacy claims and professional endorsements were unsubstantiated and had to be removed.

The ASA therefore request members not to accept advertising for Topslim where weight loss claims are made, or professional endorsements from Professors Keen, Preuss and/or Stohs are made.

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