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Warranty on pre-owned vehicles

In a recent ruling the ASA ruled against the following claims made by the advertiser, in an advertisement appearing on the website www.primamotors.co.za :

"Our Warranty

Not only are we the home of pre-loved cars, its InspectaCar’s unique vehicle warranty products that set us apart from other pre-owned vehicle dealers.

You have 4 warranty options to choose from ensuring peace of mind motoring!

Each product offers 2-year mechanical insurance cover, or a total of 300, 000km from the original date of purchase of your vehicle".

The complainant explained that the advertiser was only willing to offer a warranty of 1 year of 30 000 km despite the above appearing on its website. All reasonable attempts were made by the ASA to elicit a response from the advertiser, but none was received.

In the absence of a response, the ASA had no option but to rule on the material before it, finding the advertising misleading on the basis that the advertiser was not willing and/or able to supply the different warrantees promoted on its website. The advertiser was instructed to withdraw its advertisement and all relevant claims.

Members are therefore requested not to accept any advertising from Prima InspectaCar offering extended warranties such as those reflected above.

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