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Home Codes Advertising Code of Practice Guidelines Guideline 4 - Agricultural Product Standards Act 1

Guideline 4 - Agricultural Product Standards Act 1

Agricultural Project Standards Act 119 of 1990

  1. Fresh Citrus Juice

    Regulation 286 of 1980 11 17 Clause 13.2 stipulates the following requirements in regard to the use of description Fresh Citrus Juice:

    13.2 Fresh Citrus Juice

    Fresh Citrus Juice shall consist of natural juice of good quality and which-

    1. contains no additives;
    2. has not been subjected to any preserving process other than chilling;
    3. is clean and free from foreign matter;
    4. is practically free from pips...;
    5. is intended to be sold for consumption within two hours of the extraction thereof and is so sold.
  2. Labelling of fruit juices and drinks

    Clauses 18.2 to 18.4 of Regulation 286 sets the following requirements:

    18.2 In the case of blended fruit juices in a container, a depiction or pictorial representation of the fruit species imparting the predominant flavour and aroma to the blend shall, subject to the provisions of Regulation 14, not be regarded as constituting any misrepresentation despite the fact that the fruit species depicted does not occupy the highest position in the arrangement, in descending order, of the percentages of the various fruit species in the blend in the container.

    18.3 No trade mark or brand name which may possibly, directly or by implication, be misleading or create a false impression of the contents of the container containing fruit juice or drink shall appear on the container.

    18.4 The words "pure", "natural" and "real" or other words expressing a similar meaning, whether directly or by implication, shall not appear on a container other than the classes Fresh Fruit Juice, Sweetened Fruit Juice and Unsweetened Fruit Juice as prescribed in these Regulations and, likewise the word "Fresh" shall not appear on containers containing fruit drink or juice other than the class Fresh Fruit Juice.

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