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Guideline 7 - Independent Broadcast Authority

Independent Broadcast Authority - Definition of advertising

  1. The Independent Communications Authority of South Africaā€¯ (ICASA) defines advertising stipulating what material it will consider to be advertising, so that it can enforce its policies and regulations, as follows:
  2. "Advertisement" means any material broadcast, in visual and/ or audio form, for which the broadcaster receives a consideration, in cash or otherwise, and which promotes the interests of any person, product or service, provided that:
    1. spot commercials, public service announcements for which the broadcaster receives a consideration, any material that would constitute an infomercial but for the fact that it is of two minutes' duration or less, that part of sponsorship packages which is constituted by spot commercials, and commercial features shall be regarded as being advertisement; but
    2. public service announcements in respect of which the broadcaster does not receive any consideration, supply agreements, infomercials exceeding two minutes in duration, branded filter material which is of a public service nature, sponsorship elements which form part of in-programme material, presenters' credits and (in relation to competitions and self-promotions) programme competitions, branded promotional sports and self-promotion promos shall not be regarded as being advertisements.
  3. The ASA defines advertising in order to administer this code governing the content of advertisements in all media. The roles of the ICASA and the ASA, in relation to the definition of advertising, are therefore quite distinct and necessitate different definitions.
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