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Section iv - Style

Identification of editorial style print advertisements

  1. There is an obligation on all concerned with the preparation and/or publication of a print advertisement to ensure that anyone who looks at the advertisement is able to see, without reading it closely, that it is an advertisement and not editorial matter.
  2. In the case of a single advertisement occupying a whole page or part of a page, the following guidelines are laid down-
    1. The word ADVERTISEMENT should stand alone at the head of the advertisement in such size and weight of type as to be easily seen.
    2. If the advertisement occupies less than half a page, it should be boxed in completely or if half-page or more, separated from any adjacent matter by a distinct border.
    3. Particular care should be taken wherever the size and style of type in the advertisement is the same as, or closely resembles that of the editorial matter.
  3. Where paid-for space is in the style of editorial, whether paid for by the same or different advertisers, particular care is needed to ensure that no part can be mistaken for editorial matter.
  4. As a general rule, where an advertisement or series of advertisements paid for by the same organisation or by organisations under the same control extends over more than one page, the word ADVERTISEMENT should be printed at the head of each page in such a way that a reader cannot fail to see it. Similarly, where a supplement is paid for wholly by an advertiser or advertisers, it should normally be headed in bold letters with the words ADVERTISING SUPPLEMENT, and carry the word(s) ADVERTISEMENT or ADVERTISING SUPPLEMENT at the had of each page.
  5. No guidance can cover every case. It may not be enough merely to follow to the letter what is said above. It may also be necessary to look again at each advertisement to see whether it is clearly distinguishable from the editorial content of the publication in which it appears and if not to take steps to ensure that it is.
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