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Appeal Mechanism

  1. Any party who feels aggrieved by a ruling of the Sponsorship Dispute Resolution Committee may appeal against such a ruling to the Appeal Committee.
  2. The ASA Directorate together with the Chairman and two Appeal Committee members will however retain the discretion to reject an appeal if, after due consideration of all circumstances and factors, it is found by unanimous decision that the appeal is either:
    1. a frivolous appeal in the event of a clear and direct contravention of the Code;
    2. a malicious or wilful appeal.
      1. Pending adjudication of the appeal, the decision of the Sponsorship Dispute Resolution Committee must be adhered to.
      2. The decision made by the Sponsorship Dispute Resolution Committee is appealable only within the boundaries and scope of the complaint and corresponding ruling. A call for further information by the Committee or a commission to do research, constitutes an interim ruling and is not appealable as a return day (the next sitting of the Committee) provides opportunity for the final hearing decision.
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