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Complaints regarding a breach of the Code should be addressed to:

The Advertising Standards Authority PO Box 41555
Fax: (011) 781-1616

All that is required is a letter indicating the basis of the complaint and, in the case of a printed advertisement promoting a sponsorship association, a copy of the advertisement concerned.

Where the complaint relates to broadcast sponsorship or advertising associated with a sponsorship on television, radio or on cinema screens, information should be furnished on where and when the broadcast or advertisement was transmitted or screened.

Where signs or posters are involved, the exact wording of the advertisement associated with a sponsorship should be provided.

Anonymous complaints cannot be accepted but the confidentiality of complainants will be maintained at the discretion of the Committees, if this is specifically requested

Advice is willingly given by telephone to prospective complainants but investigations will not be undertaken without written confirmation from the complainant.

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