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Certain key terms are defined to ensure effective comprehension of and adherence to the terms of this Code.

  1. Sponsorship
    1. Event (Team, individual, organisation or activity) sponsorship: This incorporates all rights afforded to a sponsor under a sponsorship contract relating to an event itself Rights are sold to sponsors by concerns that own and/or represents the events (team, individual, organisations or activity). These concerns consists of right holders, advertising and event marketing agencies, and event promoters. The rights afforded to an event sponsor may include aspects such as advertising boards at a venue, visibility on clothing, press and public relations drives, merchandising and promotions. Broadcast rights are usually not offered as a part of an event sponsorship contract.

      An event sponsor may sell part of the rights to another party in accordance with the rights owner.

    2. Broadcast sponsorship: This incorporates all the rights involved in the broadcast of events or scheduled programmes, television credits and trailers and others as stipulated in a broadcast sponsorship contract. These rights are afforded to broadcast sponsors by the rights holding broadcaster, who purchased these broadcast rights from the television rights owner. A broadcast sponsor mayor may not be a sponsor of an actual event being broadcast.
  2. Sponsor

    A sponsor, title sponsor, presenting sponsor, association sponsor, subĀ¬sponsor/co-sponsor, technical sponsor or official supplier is a corporation, organisation or other legal person that contractually provides financial and/or other sponsorship support to the sponsored party in return for contractual rights to a related event, activity, team, individual organisation or broadcast.

  3. Sponsored party

    A sponsored party is an organisation, body, individual, broadcaster, team or other legal person who contractually receives financial and/or other support from a sponsor and in return is contractually obliged to provide a sponsor with rights to the sponsored party's event, activity, team, individual, organisation or broadcast as agreed to in the sponsorship contract.

  4. Audience

    The public, individuals or organisations exposed to the sponsorship or at which the sponsorship is directed, including spectators and television audiences.

  5. Product

    The term "product" refers to any goods or services.

  6. Brand

    Refers to the name of the product or service promoted by the sponsorship.

  7. Ambush Marketing

    The attempt of an organisation, product or brand to create the impression of being an official sponsor of an event or activity by affiliating itself with that event or activity without having paid the sponsorship rights-fee or being a party to the sponsorship contract.

  8. Rights Owner

    The sporting Code/federation organisation or broadcaster who owns the rights to an event, activity, team, individual, organisation or broadcast. A sponsor purchases these rights to associate their name with the event, team, individual, organisation, performance, artiste or activity for the duration of the sponsorship contract.

  9. Sponsorship Agent/Consultant

    Sports/event marketing agencies market the rights to an event, team, individual, organisation or activity to potential sponsors on behalf of the sporting Code, federation, organisation or broadcaster in return for a commission which is usually a percentage of the rights-fee or a mutually agreeable set fee.

  10. The Media

    The media refers to any print or electronic exposure regarding the . sponsorship programme.

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